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Ch.Canterbury Whitney v Elysium  

(Ch. Heidachs Junior Mint x Ch. Canterbury's Little Carla)


                                                                               Ch. Canterbury Abigail v. Elysium

                                                                            (Ch. Heidach's Junior Mint x Ch. Canterbury Little Carla)


                                                                                    Ch. Elysium Jaegersohn

                                                                                          (Canterbury Jaeger v Elysium x Elysium May Flower)









Ch. Timbar's Bailey      

 (CH. Bartles von Links x Timbar's Honey Bunch)





Australian & American CH. Lohengrin Pink Panther

(Aus. Ch. Swansford Mancini of Murrumbidgee x Aus. Ch. Lohrengrin Xmas Carol)












(Elysium Penny Saved x Canterbury Little Loulie)


Lana is the only miniature Dachshund, of any coat, to have won both BOV and BOS/V at National Specialties




Ch. Elysium Merry Month of May

(Ch. Bermarg's Boondox Adventure L x Ch. Elysium Leanna)





Ch.Elysium Merry Madeleina

(Ch. Timbar's Bailey SL x Ch. Elysium Merry Month of May)

    Maddie finished her tile at 15 months of age with four majors, t hree of them at Specialties. She also won 3 RWB awards and was Sweepstakes BOB under two breeder  judges!







Ch. Elysium Summer Melody

(Ch. Beedachs Country Music x Ch. Elysium Time Line)

Ch. Canterbury Franca v Elysium

(Elysium Just Julian x Ch. Canterbury's Little Lana)








Ch. Canterbury Hannah v Elysium

(Canterbury's Little Lex x Ch. Canterbury Little Carla)

                                                                                                                           Ch. Canterbury Julianne v Elysium

                                                                                                                                                           (Canterbury Little JJ x Ch. Elysium Wind Siren)

Ch. Canterbury's Wilma v Elysium

                 (Foxnoir's Pinebarron Pete x Canterbury Little Lillith)




Ch. Elysium Nick of Time

(Ch. Beedachs Country Music x Ch. Elysium Time Line )




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                                                       Ch. Elysium Time Line     

               (Ch. Karchaus Time After Time x Aus. Ch. Charlmagne Annasliegh)







Andrew's Akita Kurokai Yuko go Elysium

Breeders: Priscilla and Bob McCune, DVM