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 DCA Region 6

Chairman – Lorraine Genieczko

Secretary -  Megan Hicks

Treasurer -  Melissa Wynings      

Newsletter – Andrew Warren




Meeting Minutes – Nov. 19, 2001


Lorraine called the meeting of Region 6 delegates to order at 12:20 pm. The meeting was held during the lunch break at Dachshund Fanciers of Berks County Show in PA.  Roll call was passed around for signing.


Chairman’s Report

Lorraine thanked everyone for all their support over the past 4 years that she has been chairperson for Region 6.


Secretary Report:

Prior meetings minutes were mailed to all delegates.  There were no corrections to the minutes.  Lorraine called for a motion to approve the minutes.  Andrew Kostic made a motion to approve the minutes.  Helen Hamilton seconded it and the motion was carried.  **Reminder to all clubs ** Please mail in to the Region 6 secretary (Randy Eltringham) any changes to club officers, so the mailing list can be updated.


Treasurer’s Report:  Melissa mailed out the latest updated report of the region accounts with the minutes.  There were copies of thank you notes distributed to all attending delegates.  The notes were from the AKC Canine Health Foundation, Canine Defense Fund, and the American Kennel Club, for the Pet Disaster Relief Fund (help with 9-11 tragedy).  Melissa stated that we are not making as much in interest as in past years.  Joan Mattie made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  Andrew Kostic seconded it, the delegates approved, and the motion was carried.


Rescue Report:  Helen Hamilton reported that there are a very limited number of rescue dogs on the list.  Most of which move in and out fairly quickly with two real old dogs remaining on the list.  Much success is happening with direct referral from owner to adoptee.  She also stated that recently she has recruited a couple of new fosterers.


TAC Report:  Carrie informed the delegates that she is in the process of signing up judges for the March regional field trial in Maryland.  Carrie asked the region if they would like to hold a field trial with Dach. Fanciers of Berks County on May 11 & 12 at the Maryland field trial grounds.  Wendy York made a motion to have a regional field trial with Berks.  Helen Hamilton seconded it and the motion was passed.


Carrie also informed the delegates that she will be holding a field trial and earthdog judges seminar on March 16 & 17 in NJ, the exact location to be announced based on attendance.  Anyone interested in attending please contact Carrie.


Old Business:

New Logo for Region 6  - Everyone approved and passed changing the Region 6 logo.


DCA 2003 -  Lorraine and Nancy Bianco answered all questions and updated the Region on all information concerning DCA 2003.


The theme of the week will be “Upstate NY Canal Days”. 


-          The show will be held at the Holiday Inn & Convention Center in Syracuse, NY which is exit 37 off of route 90.

-          Room charge is $95.00 a night up to 4 people in a room (no limit on the number of dogs in a room).

-          There will be a dog bathing room available and a lot of good parking.

-          All 3 host clubs will be sharing all expenses and income on an equal basis.

-          Four Judges will be used alternately for the 3 host club shows



-          May 11  -  Albany Capital DC.- Longs- Tom Nesbitt,  Smooths -  Emma Jean Stevenson, Wires -  Lisa Warren,  Intervariety – Bob Wlodkowski.

-          May 12 – Buffallo DC. – Longs – Bob Wlodkowski, Smooths- Lisa Warren, Wires – Emma Jean Stevenson, Intervariety- Tom Nesbitt.

-          May 13 -  Syracuse DC – Longs – Emma Jean Stevenson, Smooths – Bob Wlodkowski, Wires- Tom Nesbitt , Intervariety – Lisa Warren

-          May 14 – DCA Sweepstakes – Longs- Phyllis Rosinsky, Smooths- Lorraine Genieczko, Wires- David Swartwood.

-          May 15 & 16 – DCA Regular classes & Varieties- Longs – Fran Colona, Smooths – Marci Forrester, Wires- Daryl Turner.

-          DCA Obedience – James Hamm and Cheryl Jenkinson.

-          May 6- 10 - Field Trials – Chairman Kathy Tolf – P.O. Box 585, Pawling, NY 12564  (845)855-9751

-          2 Dinners & DCA Awards Dinner


New Business:  Helen Hamilton announced that DALI would be holding their specialty at the Meadowlands Exhibition Center on Feb. 9, 2002.  The Embassy Suites Hotel will take dogs.  The cost will be $149.00 a night.


DCA 2002 host club, Badger DC, is looking for donations from clubs to help offset the cost of breakfasts.  Jane Fowler made a motion to give a $50.00 donation to Badger.  Andrew Kostic seconded the motion.  All delegates approved and the motion was carried.


Joan Mattie announced that the Met. Baltimore DC. Specialty will be held in conjunction with the Baltimore County Specialties at the State fairgrounds in Timonium (were Baltimore County K.C. holds their show).


2002 Elections:   1.   Andrew Kostic was nominated from the floor.  No one else ran for this position, therefore Mr. Kostic was approved to replace Lorraine as the next Region 6 Chairperson.

        2.    Randy Eltringham was asked if she would take on the secretarial position.  She agreed.  This position was run unopposed.

        3.    Carrie Hamilton defeated Roger Humeston for the Regional TAC Rep. position (two year term).


Joan Mattie made a motion to close the meeting.  Andrew Kostic seconded the motion.  Everyone agreed and the meeting finished at 1:03 pm.



Helen Hamilton – DCNJ

Joan Mattie – MBDC

Andrew Kostic – HVDA

Jane Fowler – BCDFA

Wendy York – ACDC

Allen James - DALI

Nancy Bianco - guest

Randy Eltringham – guest

Carrie Hamilton – TAC Rep.

Megan Hicks – Secretary

Lorraine Genieczko – Chairman

Melissa Wynings – Treasurer



Respectfully Submitted by,


Megan A. Hicks